Future Forwarding’s Consulting Service

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Future Forwarding’s Consulting Service

Future Forwarding offers a variety of consulting services ranging from simple classification questions to vastly complex projects.
A Global machine manufacturer came to Future Forwarding with an issue involving Customs and Border Protection. CBP was questioning the customer’s valuation and classification processes for import shipments. As the customer had a lack of understanding of import processes and international import law, the customer contracted Future Forwarding’s consulting services to investigate the issue and help provide Customs and Border Protection with clarification and the information requested.

In order to assess and address both the importer’s and Customs and Border Protection’s requests and concerns, Future Forwarding assembled an internal team of specialists to complete a classification and valuation review of all import entries for a five-year period. This team was comprised of four licensed customs brokers and one certified customs specialist with a combined total of 100+ years of classification and valuation experience. This assessment included “project” cargo valuations as the machine manufacturer imported multiple machines and parts across numerous import shipments in order to comprise a complete manufacturing plant as well as classification.

As a result of this evaluation, Future Forwarding was able to bring the importer into compliance with international import laws and Customs and Border Protection rules and regulations. Any irregularities and discrepancies discovered in previous entries were corrected. Future Forwarding was able to assist the importer’s legal counsel with submitting a prior disclosure to CBP in order to avoid any legal fines and penalties. In addition to the prior disclosure, importer education became a priority as well as assisting in implementing a compliance program for the importer to follow in order to avoid future errors and/or omissions in customs entries, duty/tax payments, and assisted the importer in understanding the true costs of import shipments.

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